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31 May 8 Steps To Take If Your Identity Is Stolen

Identity theft is a very stressful, troubling event in anyone’s life. The ambiguity of the crime and the number of unknowns involved can make it seem like an insurmountable feat to deal with. However, there are several steps that can and should be taken in...

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18 Apr The Importance of an Estate Plan

Most people do not like to think about what happens after they pass away.  However, if you want to be in control of your possessions and what happens to them after you are gone, then you should, at a minimum, have a will.  A will...

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27 Dec Can you have a short-term rental in Unincorporated Clark County?

By Timothy Wiseman Many homeowners wish to make additional money by renting out their home or some portion of their home on a short-term basis. Some internet services help facilitate the process. Different jurisdictions have taken different approaches to regulating this activity. Unincorporated Clark County bans...

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15 Dec Everything You Need to Know About Email Disclaimers

Almost every business has a policy of adding email disclaimers to the end of the signature block on each outgoing email. The boilerplate disclaimer will often discuss confidentiality, mistaken delivery, or some sort of privilege. This is particularly common with attorneys. It seems that every...

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12 Oct What You Need To Know About The Equifax Data Breach

Each year in the US, approximately 7% of households become victims of identity theft. There are three main credit reporting agencies in the US, which are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. As you may have heard, Equifax recently discovered a security breach that affects over one...

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10 Oct Can tips be garnished?

By Timothy Wiseman When a Court issues a judgment for money, there are a number of ways that the judgment creditor can try to enforce the judgment if the judgment is not paid voluntarily. One common method of enforcing a judgment against an individual is...

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