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Morris Law Center is an award winning Las Vegas, NV based law firm specializing in Outside General Counsel, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Debt Negotiation & Credit Repair, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation.
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Credit Repair

Your Personal Credit Repair Attorney

Negative entries can often be completely removed from your credit report. In addition, our attorneys are experienced debt negotiators and can help you negotiate settlements for less than the full amount due.

Credit Repair

The attorneys at Morris Law Center are well versed in credit repair. In fact, many of our clients came to use though referrals by real estate professionals that have a client that is unable to obtain a mortgage due to old debts. Whether credit repair is done as part of debt negotiation, or on its own, we know how to remove incorrect or out of date items from your credit report. Our services can be used for the following:

  • Quailify for Home Loan or Car Loan
  • Medical Collections
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Repair Credit After Bankruptcy
  • Remove Negative Items from Credit Report
  • Improve FICO Score
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