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5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

We always say that if you think you need an attorney, you probably do, especially if you're involved with real estate. Watch the full video below to see the five key reasons you need a real estate attorney. For more informations or questions, please give us a...

We’re Hiring!

You read that right! Morris Law Center is looking for a part-time receptionist position at our local law firm. Experience not required. Potential to transition to full-time. We are seeking someone who is dependable, detail oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, motivated, and a self-starter. Our preference is...

Update on the Unfolding Drama of HOA Foreclosures in 2017

By Timothy Wiseman  Nevada law, in NRS 116.3316 - .3368, grants a homeowners’ association (HOA) a true superpriority lien for certain unpaid assessments and allows a properly conducted HOA foreclosure to remove certain other encumbrances, which can include the first deed of trust securing a mortgage in...

Are there legal requirements for sleep?

By Kyle Martin  The parallels between driving under the influence and driving while sleep deprived cannot be overlooked. Why is that? The question can be answered by comparing the significant overlap of the physiological and psychological effects between the two, which include cognitive impairment, memory lapses, and...

Nevada’s New Gun Law Explained

It’s no surprise that emotions ran hot this autumn as voters decided the fate of the Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative. But now that the measure has been approved, even if the approval was only by a 10,000-vote margin, gun owners in Nevada need...

Is it legal to take a selfie in a voting booth?

The elections are swiftly approaching and social media usage is on the rise, which has naturally made people start to wonder whether or not it is legal to take a selfie while voting. Well, the law in this area is not entirely clear. Currently, Nevada statutes make...

Can an LLC’s assets be taken to satisfy an owner’s debts?

Generally, the law treats an entity, such as an LLC, as distinct from its owners. Normally, a person cannot be held directly responsible for an LLC’s debt and the LLC’s assets cannot be taken to satisfy any debts that its members, owners, or controllers may...