Appeals in Nevada and California

In civil litigation or in regard to a decision of an administrative board, a judgement or decision is not always final. In general, an appeal is a request to have a court change or reverse either a judgment by a lower court or a decision by an administrative body. The first step is to contact an experienced appellate attorney for an evaluation of your situation. 

The attorneys here at Morris Law Center have the skills and experience in appellate law that allow us to offer a full range of services in Nevada and California including:

  • Appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court
  • Appeals to the California Supreme Court
  • Appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • Appeals before the Nevada Court of Appeals
  • Appeals from Justice Court to the State District Court
  • Ghostwriting of Appellate Briefs for other Law Firms
  • Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals

Benefits of Having an Experienced Appeals Attorney

An appellate attorney is responsible for evaluating the issues in the case, researching and analyzing case law, and drafting the briefs.Choosing an experienced appellate attorney is critical, especially because courts often make decisions solely on the basis of the written briefs. In other words, experience with basic litigation does not necessarily translate to being equipped to handle appeals. For example in Nevada, litigation follows the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, but appeals follow the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Appeals & Appellate Law FAQs

Administrative bodies include the Real Estate Division, the Pharmacy Board, the Gaming Board, the Contractor’s Board, and so on.

Maybe. There needs to be a legal basis, which should be evaluated by an attorney on a case by case basis. Locating reversible error(s) will be one of your attorney’s first tasks.

It depends on the forum. For example, civil appeals permitted by law from Nevada District Court to the Nevada Supreme Court are commenced by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Clerk of the District Court within the time allowed by NRAP 4(a). Consult an attorney to be sure.

Because the filing of an appeal is a complex process, it is recommended that any person taking or responding to an appeal be represented by a licensed Nevada attorney. However, if a person otherwise has a basis for an appeal, that person may prosecute their own appeal "in proper person" in accordance with the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure.

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