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Copyright, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets

For many small businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs Intellectual Property (e.g. copyright, trademarks, and trade secrets) is a necessary part of the work that you do. Having any part of your intellectual property stolen or copied could ruin the competitive advantage you have, which may result in financial loss or future uncertainty of the success related to your  idea.

Whether you need to register your trademarks or prepare for complex litigation over your copyrights or trade secrets, you need the advice of a skilled attorney. Our intellectual property lawyers are skilled and experienced in a number of services, including trademark and copyright law; trade secrets; license agreements; or intellectual property litigation.

Morris Law Center attorneys also practice in the area of business and can help with things like business formation once your intellectual property has been protected. Let our lawyers help you through the entire business process from start to finish.

Here are some of the intellectual property services we provide:

      • Trademark Registration
      • Trademark Litigation
      • Copyright Registration
      • Copyright Litigation
      • Trade Secret Litigation
      • Trade Secret Protection
      • Intellectual Property Licensing
      • Intellectual Property on the Internet
      • Unfair Competition Litigation
      • Digital Property Protection


Intellectual Property FAQs

  • Copyrights provide protection to authors of “original work of authorship” and are registered by the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. While there are a wide variety of artistic works that can be protected under U.S. copyright laws, including paintings, novels, poetry works, songs and movies, authors of other items, such as computer software, jewelry, fabrics and architecture, can also obtain copyright protection.

    Yes. Although, copyright registration is voluntary because copyright exists from the moment the work is created, you must register if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement. You can not file suit without a registered copyright.

    Trademarks generally include words or symbols that identify and convey a business to the public. While some commonly recognized examples of symbol trademarks include the McDonald Golden Arches and the Starbuck’s mermaid, trademarks can also cover larger items, such as an entire jewelry design that identifies the company. A registered trademark provides several advantages, including giving constructive notice to the public that you own the registered mark. And, if someone else uses your registered mark, you may be able to file suit to recover monetary damages resulting from the infringement.

    Trade secrets are a type of intellectual property that comprise formulas, practices, processes, designs, instruments, patterns, or compilations of information that have inherent economic value because they are not generally known or readily ascertainable by others, and which the owner takes reasonable measures to keep secret.

    The ™  or "raised TM" is generally used for unregistered trademarks. If your trademark is currently pending registration then it is perfectly appropriate to use the ™ or "raised TM" legally.
    The ® or "Circle R" symbol is reserved in the United States for trademarks that have been fully registered. You will be able to use that if and when the registration is complete.

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