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Morris Law Center is an award winning Las Vegas, NV based law firm specializing in Outside General Counsel, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Debt Negotiation & Credit Repair, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation.
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Leah Gutierrez


Leah Gutierrez


Leah Gutierrez

Chief Operations Officer

As Employee One, Leah joined Morris Law Center at the inception of the firm, prior to the doors opening for business. Her initial position was to handle “all duties not otherwise assigned.” As the firm has grown, she has become one of the firm’s most valuable assets. Certified in Human Resource Management and armed with her extensive experience as a legal assistant and her talent for accounting and communication, Leah ensures that the firm runs like clockwork. Whether it’s the role of maintaining accounts payable, proofreading legal documentation, or training new staff, she is always on her game.

Outside of the office, Leah enjoys traveling with her husband Rodrigo, cooking for her friends and family and playing with her adorable Puggle Samson and lovable Boston Terrier Sophia.

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